Insurance Plans

Like most years there are many changes for 2017.  One of the new trends we are seeing is the creation of Preferred Networks for prescription drug coverage.  Doctors, dentists and other healthcare providers have seen these for years, but finally they are making their way into the pharmacy world.

Many of you have received letters from Aetna and BlueCross which appear to say that Davy Crockett Drug is no longer able to fill your prescriptions.  The letters are purposely worded to make you think that we have severed our relationship with them.  This could not be further from the truth.

The truth is that each of these companies have created preferred networks within their pharmacy benefit.  A preferred network is just what it sounds like.   They are giving preference to some pharmacies over others.  In the case of the Aetna, a pharmacy must pay to be in the preferred in the network.  In the case of BlueCross, a pharmacy must be one of the large of chain pharmacies like Wal-Mart or Walgreens.

Davy Crockett Drug does not qualify to be in the preferred network of BlueCross and we cannot afford to be in Aetna’s preferred network.  We are still in their standard network, but we will not be in their preferred network.

We do belong to some preferred networks, but we are in those networks due to quality metrics.  We do not mind doing things that increase our quality to qualify for a preferred status, but we will never join at network that insists that we pay for the privilege.

We will be participating in all the same plans as last year which includes all the major plans so do not be mislead by the mailers you receive.  Just give us a call at the pharmacy if you need any clarification.

We want independent pharmacy to survive in Houston County for many years to come and we believe that avoiding these preferred networks is the best for independent pharmacy in general and for Davy Crockett Drug in particular.

We hope that you understand and we hope to serve the people of Houston County for many years to come.